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Social Media Marketing

With more than 1 Billion internet users world wide, social media is changing the way we do business. Learn how to reach broader audiences, achieve instant credibility, attract qualified leads, and meet new friends!

Social Media Mastery!

Prospecting & Closing

It seems natural to share excitement about all of the amazing features and benefits of a product or service. Yet all too often, even our most valiant efforts to wow a prospect seem to reach blank stares. Without passion, any marketing or sales effort is sure to fizzle.

Prospecting / Closing Secrets!

Content Marketing ( Blogging )

There are dozens of effective ways to demonstrate value with content marketing! Blogging, Copyrighting, Graphic Design ( Memes ), Video Production & MORE!

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Productivity & Organization

#ProfitProducingActivity Are you maximizing your time & effort? It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Learn automation, duplication, and proven techniques for growing any business!

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About Me

Less Distraction, More Action, & Law of Attraction

Without passion, any marketing or sales effort is sure to fizzle. Why is this? Why are others generally willing to listen politely to a well crafted sales pitch, only to present some sort of objection, and ultimately state they are “not interested”?

If we are passionate about what we do, and willing to explore a few simple concepts, we will learn how to connect with our audience in a way that will compel them to choose us!

If your goal is to ATTRACT more leads, and to earn financial freedom, your passion must become… Serving Others! Can you imagine how good it will feel to help hundreds of others to live the life that they deserve? It’s powerful!

It makes no difference what your passion is now. I am going to work side by side with you to identify and embrace your weaknesses, and to give you proven SOLUTIONS for success! Together, we will grow daily! I cannot wait to meet you! Make it a great day!

--James Wheeler