Building Trust – A Crucial Component Of Any Marketing Strategy

Building trust and credibility - Fundamental Attraction Marketing SeriesBuilding trust and demonstrating credibility is second only to establishing rapport. Here is a scenario. We have our prospect laughing, we have met on common ground. We have identified a need or a struggle. It’s time to present a solution, however if we are unsuccessful at building trust, and demonstrating that we are credible, any marketing strategy is sure to be met with objections like:

The good news… Building trust is an instinct that we all have!

When it comes to marketing strategies, building trust by establishing credibility is probably one of the most misunderstood skills. We all understand what trust is, yet we undermine our credibility with a “sales pitch”. Did we forget we just made a new connection ( a new friend )? All to often, many will jump straight to explaining features and benefits, and run into all sorts of objections.

Here is how to build trust naturally and to establish credibility.

First, we treat people like people! Nobody wants to be “sold”. We all have a desire or need. Many will not even realize that they are seeking the solution we have to offer. Through the first step of building rapport, we opened the door to a relationship. We need to learn more about our prospect. We need to ask questions, and LISTEN!

One of the most “rookie” mistakes we can make is to earn someone’s time and to start explaining features, or promoting discounts. Now is NOT the time! We have to relate. By asking some probing questions, we will identify information that will allow us to be relevant to each individual. We have a conversation. We are LISTENING for statements that our story relates to. Once we have discovered how we can be relevant, we can provide a genuine solution.

Building trust and credibility by sharing a story…

Here is why many fail at building trust. It is easy to assume that because we are truthful people, that we have automatically built trust with our new prospect. This is not always the case. We know we are trustworthy, how do they know that? And especially with friends or family members, remember that they already know us! We need to focus on credibility. We are going to build trust and establish credibility by sharing a story.

Now that we have identified something in common, it is time to share our experience. We can even tell the story of a friend or colleague. We establish trust by demonstrating that we understand their needs. We are building trust by showing that we care. We are relevant.

We explain our desire or struggle, and how this opportunity provided the solution. We demonstrate why we are passionate about our opportunity. This is even a great time to bring 3rd party validation into the conversation. Let them hear someone else’s experience. ( The “dreaded” 3 way call — use it! )

Summing up…

We have not set out to promote fabulous features. We are not pushing to act based on discounts or promos. We are building a connection to lead to the next step.

In the next article we will expand on building trust. We will focus on how to gather information, and more specifically, what questions to ask. I know you will find this useful, please share with your staff or team!

Next… Gathering Information


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