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What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is essentially another term for content marketing. By developing and sharing relevant content ( blogs, eBooks, photos, tips, tricks, videos, and more ), you begin to develop rapport, gain trust, and establish credibility in your market. Today, any entrepreneur can utilize the power of attraction by sharing valuable digital content with a massive audience. In this eBook I am going to explain exactly how you can leverage proven and scientific marketing strategies to attract leads, build trust in your audience and to compel people to choose you.

The Most Important Ingredient for Success in Business: PEOPLE

If your goal is to be successful in direct sales ( network marketing ), or any business for that matter, the most important ingredient is people. So how do we attract people?

Facebook Attraction Marketing Mindset 0

Facebook Attraction Marketing Mindset

Why Facebook Attraction Marketing?… Facebook boasts approximately 1.6 BILLION users, and some data suggest it may reach 2 to 3 BILLION by the year 2020. It is easy to understand why so many have chosen Facebook as the “go-to” platform for reaching “a piece of the pie”.

7 Free Power Tips for Facebook 0

How to see who has viewed my Facebook profile… in 30 seconds

Quick Steps to See Who Viewed Your Facebook profile… in Less Than 30 Seconds – If you are like me, you have probably wondered how do I see who has viewed my Facebook profile recently. I can think of any number of many reasons that you may want to see who has viewed your profile last, but let’s it hope it’s not because you suspect a Facebook stalker!

Hot Inbound Leads - 3 Simple Questions to Identify 1

Hot Inbound Leads – 3 Simple Questions to Identify

When we reach a potential client or customer, what should we say? Some are already aware, the most productive salesperson will ask questions. By asking questions, instead of “pitching”, we are able to show genuine interest, and our prospect will likely share exactly what we need to know. So, when is the best time to call, and what are the best questions to ask?