Direct Sales/Network Marketing, Top 3 Reasons Many Are Not Successful

3 Reason Many Fail At Network Marketing - Rubber Ducky ImageWhat is your concept of direct sales / network marketing? At some point in life, most of us will be introduced to a network marketing opportunity. Some companies offer an amazing product or service, and some are not so great. For instance, I absolutely love and use Pampered Chef, and Le-Vel products. Both are direct sales companies that offer valuable products, and are providing real world solutions for me.

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why many are not successful in direct sales / network marketing. Depending on the product or service, many individuals will decide to give it a go. Some will contact a few family members or friends, possibly make a few sales, and then what? Many quit, or in hopes of earning a discount or free product, resort to simply purchasing the product or service. Sound familiar?

There is nothing wrong with earning discounts or free products, however we cannot “kid ourselves” about actually building a business. The clear distinction between success and failure in direct sales or network marketing depends on our level of commitment, willingness to learn, and our determination.

Why are so many “unsuccessful” at network marketing or direct sales?

1. The NUMBER ONE reason that most people are not successful in network marketing or direct sales is: They do not believe they will be successful. — Period, end of statement. We cannot achieve what we do not believe.

If one does not believe that they can be successful, they WILL NOT. This is only common sense. If we are this type of person, we SHOULD NOT get involved in network marketing, or direct sales. Success in any business opportunity will require a fundamental shift in a core belief system. We are setting ourselves up for failure if we are not sure that, “if anyone can do it, we can do it!”

2. The NUMBER TWO reason that some people are not successful in network marketing or direct sales is: They believe that they must know a lot of people, and/or are not willing to develop the simple skills necessary to grow a network.

Eric Worre describes this misconception as the number one reason that many do not believe that they can succeed in direct sales or network marketing.”

We have all heard the phrase, “It’s all in who you know”, right? Well, let’s add… “and those we are going to meet!

If you want to learn how SIMPLE it is to grow your network, please check out this article: Why Struggle to Grow Your List of Network Marketing Prospects

3. The NUMBER THREE reason that people are not successful in network marketing or direct sales is: They are not willing to set realistic goals, and MAKE time to achieve them. The core principle that applies here is, “Consistency IS Key”.

Goal setting is crucial to develop a plan for success. If you desire extra income, how are you going to achieve it? We need a clear plan. With minimal expense, and time invested, many network marketing and direct sales opportunities are “ready made businesses”. If it is supplemental income that you seek, let’s be realistic and set an attainable goal.

If we hope to earn $100 per week ($400 per month), we work backwards from that goal and calculate what it is going to take to achieve that goal. If commission on a sale is $25, clearly we need 4 sales. In order to make four sales, how many people will we need to contact? Get the point?

We can discuss conversion rates in a different article, the point here is to outline a fundamental strategy to achieve success! If we do not reach our goal, we keep working to achieve it! So long as we are reasonable in setting a goal, there is no harm in setting it just out of reach! We tend to work harder that way, and be sure to reward yourself when you succeed!

The SECRET is to identify what SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs have already proven to work, and DUPLICATE!

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel! Give yourself a pat on the back! By reading this article to this point, you are clearly interested in improvement.

Devote time to personal growth, and perhaps the most important tip of all… we have to get behind a product or service that we love, and enjoy! It is so important to be proud to put our name behind a company! Share about why we love our opportunity, educate others about how it will help, and be patient! If our motive is to offer a solution, and to help… the money will come! Make time to commit to seeing it happen, and BELIEVE!

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