How I Attracted 1,842 Organic Followers on Twitter in 1.5 Months

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How I Attracted 1,842 Organic Followers on Twitter in 1.5 MonthsOrganic followers on Twitter are free, and generally much more relevant to any business opportunity than followers attracted by other means such as paid marketing efforts. Not only is it free to build an organic following on Twitter, it is simple and efficient! Here is how I organically gain Twitter followers, consistently, each day.

  • Identify Your Audience on Twitter
  • Search for Relevant #Hashtags or Key Phrases
  • Identify Popular Twitter Accounts (Many Followers)
  • Follow Interesting Twitter Accounts
  • Engage With Twitter Followers
  • Cultivate a Relationship With Direct Messages (DM)
  • Reply, ReTweet, and Shout Out to Interactors
  • Tweet Often – Valuable Content & Call To Action (CTA)

Twitter has evolved into a very unique culture. At first glance it may seem pointless, or confusing. One question that I hear often is, “What’s the point? Tweets are limited to 140 characters.”

If you are only familiar with other social media where you can “write a book” in a post, I understand how it may seem frustrating to be limited in Tweets. By the end of this article, I am positive you will find that it is well worth it!

Identify Your Audience on Twitter

The Twitter culture is centered around the “Hashtag #”. Before Twitter, we all knew the hashtag by its nickname “pound”. Early on, it was discovered that by adding the Hashtag (or Pound) symbol to any focused phrase would simplify searches for relevant Tweets, and make “Twitter Trends” possible.

Search for Relevant #Hashtags or Key Phrases

USE THE SEARCH FEATURE on Twitter! This is one of the most powerful features of Twitter! Your audience is telling you what they are interested in with a #HashTag! For small businesses, it is an absolute #GoldMine !

Here is just one example… #PayDay

If we search for the hashtag #PayDay, we are instantly provided with a list of “Tweeps” (Twitter Followers) that are “fired up” about #PayDay. If our product or service is centered around impulse “purchasing decisions” this hashtag identifies an audience that is excited, and likely to have a few bucks to spend!

DISCLAIMER — This is NOT the Holy Grail of Tweets — LOL I simply use this hashtag as an exciting demonstration. If you go bombarding Twitter users with “Buy Now” Tweets, you are missing the point of Twitter. Remember, our goal is to offer content of value, and to build trust and influence, not drive people crazy!

Identify Popular Twitter Accounts (Many Followers)

Now that we have identified a relevant phrase, we scan through the search results for “Popular” accounts. By popular I mean, identify Twitter accounts with a lot of followers. Next, visit popular Twitter account profiles, and click on their “followers”. #BOOM we have identified an audience that is very likely to be interested in what we have to offer.

Follow Interesting Twitter Accounts

When searching hashtags and popular Twitter profiles, scan through the followers looking for interesting people to follow. When like-minded people follow you, check out their followers too!

Engage With Twitter Followers

It is important to thank new followers! IMPORTANT — Resist the URGE to “pitch” new followers! It gets annoying, and is a great way to be “Unfollowed”!

Cultivate a Relationship With Direct Messages (DM)

When someone follows us on Twitter, we engage by sending a direct message (DM). First and foremost, we want to thank them for following us, and then we can ask a simple question like, “What inspired you to follow me?”, or my personal favorite (ice breaker), “what do you do?”. Many tweeps love to talk about what they do and will often reciprocate.

It is even a good idea to check out follower Tweets and Re-Tweet something we appreciate. Create a new friend, engage in conversation, ask questions, and LISTEN!

Reply, ReTweet, and Shout Out to Interactors

Check your notifications a couple times a day. It is not necessary to “live” on Twitter in order to build a significant following. Check “new tweets”, and re-tweet when you find content of value! It is also a great idea to reply to re-tweets with a “Shout Out for Re-Tweet” (often expressed as SO for RT).

Tweet Often – Valuable Content & Call To Action (CTA)

Last but certainly not least, BE INTERESTING, and be RELEVANT! No SPAM! Yes, I know it is often a challenge to create engaging content, and even more difficult to compose a great Tweet, but it is a necessity.

Put some thought into your blog articles, create “captive” headlines, and tweet links that serve as a Call to Action (CTA). Adding Twitter Cards, or images to your Tweets will expand your reach and engagement too!

I know this will help!, and this is certainly not it!

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  1. Megan says:

    This works! I had a few hundred followers. This week I am up to 1300+ How do I get people to buy my stuff now?

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