Marketing to a Challenge, Desire, Need, Pain or Struggle… What’s the Problem?

Marketing to Challenges, Desires, Needs, Pain or Struggle

For a moment, let’s forget that this is step four in my Fundamental Attraction Marketing Series. I would like to “paint a picture”. Imagine yourself as brand new to marketing. If you’re not, picture yourself as one of your prospects.

So, you’ve had a great experience with an amazing product or service. You’ve become so excited about it that you decide to go into business selling it for yourself. After all, if everyone loves this product as much as you do, you are virtually guaranteed to make plenty of money! Right? Not so fast!

You’ve done everything the company has asked. You’ve followed the “duplicating system”. You’ve spoken to all of your friends and family. A few have purchased or signed up but not enough to reach your next goal. What is that goal?

It makes no difference what your next goal is. If you want to be a successful marketer, you are going to have to paint attractive solutions for your prospects.

Become the “Painkiller” for a “Pain”…

Identifying a challenge, desire, need, pain or struggle is crucial to being able to present your product or service in a way that just makes sense! In order to become the “painkiller” for a specific “pain” we’ll need to learn what the problem is. This is why the first three steps are so important. Without Rapport, we cannot establish Trust. Without trust, we have no Credibility. Without credibility we cannot Gather Information, and without information… you guessed it! We cannot identify a desire for a solution.

How many times have you heard any of the following objections?

  • I can’t because…
  • I need to think about it.
  • Not saying yes, or no…
  • I don’t have the money.
  • It’s not for me.
  • I have kids.

When you receive any of the these sort of objections, the real issue is that you have missed a vital step. It’s going to be difficult to identify a problem, and without a problem, it is impossible to present a solution. When you have the solution, your product or service will almost sell itself!

Using the Information We Gather to Identify a Problem…

In the previous article I shared 49 top sales questions to ask your prospect. Everyone is different, so feel free to modify the questions to fit each specific situation. The goal is to ask open ended questions that will get your prospect talking. The key is to LISTEN! People love to talk, so ask a question and wait for the answer. It may be necessary to ask a few probing questions. Ultimately, our goal is to discover how to present our product or service as the solution.

Here are some (Money) examples:

Let’s say a spouse is reluctant to spend money because they are always fighting about finances with their significant other. You know your business opportunity can help to alleviate this sort of stress. Could this actually be a reason for your new prospect to have a new stream of income? With a sensitive topic like money, this revelation needs to be their own idea. We don’t want to push. We want to ask questions like, “how much extra income would help you pay a few bills?”, “how good would it feel to have a solution for that issue?” or “can you imagine how good it would feel to help others solve a problem like this too?”

Perhaps their true problem is that they are already overwhelmed. In fact, many people are. Ask how hard are they working just to make ends meet. The true objection is likely that they cannot fathom taking on another task. Go there! Get them thinking about their daily obligations. Ask them to describe what a struggle it is for them. Ask them if they have thought about a solution. Ask them what the perfect solution would look like. Listen, empathize and then share your story. Share a story of how life has changed for the better. Explain to them that they can rely on your help in the beginning. Explain how good it will feel to see them free from their struggles! Get invested, so long as you are sure that they are willing to do the work for themselves!

Product/Service Examples:

NOTE: If you are selling a product or service that provides a great experience or solves a common problem there is a very good chance that your prospect already has a solution. This sort of prospecting is called “Outbound Marketing”, and I will cover that in a later article. Unless your prospect has reached a “point of dissatisfaction” (poor customer service, lack of results, etc.), it can be quite difficult to convert a loyal customer.

Those that express a desire to try something new, are considered HOT LEADS! Maintain posture and resist the urge to “go for the close”. Be sure to ask questions like, “what specific reason has inspired you to seek another solution?”, “can you tell me what your ideal solution would be?” and “do you have any other concerns that need to be addressed?” This will bring their dissatisfaction to the forefront of their mind, and demonstrate that you care about providing for your prospect’s needs.


Assuming that your prospect is “Qualified”, waste no time doing your homework. When price is merely a starting point for negotiations, it is vital to set and keep appointments, be mindful of time and learn as much as you can prior to the meeting. High ticket items attract deep pockets, and deep pockets are worn by many different personalities. Is your prospect “no nonsense, down to business”, or “let’s have a drink and talk”? Research, research, research! Focus on step one and two (rapport & trust), and be prepared with specific questions. Schedule the next exposure, and be sure to be on time with answers! Go get ’em!

The possibilities are endless…

There are many more scenarios that I can provide examples for! If you’d like some personalized advice for a specific situation please contact me. I am happy to help!

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