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Qualified Leads Compelled to Act - Attraction Marketing StrategiesGood day, my name is James Wheeler welcome to succeedonline.us This morning I sat down at my desk to catch up from the busy holiday weekend. What did I find? Like always, my inbox and social media accounts are full of “amazing” offers to generate qualified leads.

I am sure you get them too. They are mostly the same “opportunity”, being offered by a different affiliate. I thought to myself, I am so grateful that I no longer have to rely solely on lead generation.

It feels so good, to have clients seek me for what I have to offer! I used to think lead and content generation was all it took to be successful in business.

As a web developer, I have an edge over most of my competition. My specialty is custom, user friendly, mobile responsive, and well ranking websites. However, it takes a bit more time to build a custom website, and it is necessary to fetch a premium price for premium results.

My inbox is always full of competitor ads for “web design specials”, offered at a fraction of what I charged. This often distracted me, and my focus would shift to what the competition was doing, instead of my audience. I would become frustrated, and even questioned myself, “how can I compete with such low ball competition?”

When compared side by side with my service, the competition was “apples to oranges”. Not many of my competitors could provide the same quality, service, or results. It had not occurred to me, I was failing to ask my prospects the right questions. By asking the right open ended sales questions, I learned to demonstrate value where, my service would out perform, and pay big in the long run.

Early in business I told myself, “I just need to find the right qualified leads”

  • If I could just find qualified leads.
  • If I could just place the right pay per click ad.
  • If I could just write the perfect blog article.

And by all of that, I meant.. I needed to find the clients that needed the value in the service I have to offer, and can afford me.

Time and time again, I found myself cutting my own price. And the craziest part about it was… Often my prospects had room in their budget to pay full price. I simply had not positioned myself to demonstrate the true value in what I had to offer.

Ultimately, I was undermining my own credibility and brand. It was a constant guessing game as to what leads would be qualified to generate any profit at all, and I threw good money after bad, to little or no result.

So, what changed?

I discovered the Simple Steps to Succeed Online! As you can see today, I no longer struggle to find qualified leads. You found me, right? I learned to shift my entire mindset to encompass a broader horizon. I sought out proven methods that are have already proven successful in online business, and began to duplicate.

Today I guide like minded professionals to financial freedom by providing strategies to reach broader audiences, attract more leads, and to succeed online. I help any industry, to duplicate what most successful fortune 500 companies have been using for decades! I will show you how I positioned my brand in a way that compels my audience to choose me.

Imagine how good it will feel when qualified leads find you!

In my eBook I share how to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and to attract plenty of leads. The result will be, your prospects will be blown away by the value you have to offer. Think about how prosperous you can be when your audience is compelled to choose YOU!

If you are ready to stop struggling to find qualified leads, and to begin converting 4 times as many prospects, then check out my eBook, share, and please let me know how it helps!

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