Succeed Online Tips | Navigate Like A PRO, Tabs, and Browser

NEW! Daily video posts… I will be highlighting useful “hacks”, shortcuts, tips, tricks to becoming more productive online.

Ever get frustrated with repetitive operations while navigating online?

Are you still “chicken pecking” out EVERY SINGLE letter to web address in the address (URL) bar?

Need to view a couple web pages at once? Or, view a second, third or fourth page in a website at the same time? TABS will be your best friend!

Follow my vlog shorts for a few weeks and you’ll be thanking me for increased productivity and less frustration!

PS – Do you have an online task you would love to learn a “hack”, shortcut, tip or trick for? Comment below!

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  1. Janet Lucas says:

    OMG! I only pay attention to suggestions when I am searching. Never pay any attention when navigating! Great tip!

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