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How to See Who Is Viewing My Facebook Profile

UPDATE BELOW ( Click Show More) How to See Who Is Viewing My Facebook Profile has yet to become a feature of FB. Sure, there are other social media networks that will enable us to see who is viewing my profile, however Facebook does not seem to be interested in making this available. So, I am... Here is how to learn who is "stalking you on facebook" 🙂 Enjoy, and please, SHARE! UPDATE 3: As of today, 5/18/2017 It appears that the array name has been changed to "activeList:". You need to search for "activeList:" instead of "initialChat" UPDATE 2: As of today, 2/15/2017 the list of id's does contain people I have never connected with on Facebook. So, it does appear we are able to see all who have most recently visited our profile. UPDATE: As a couple have suggested, this is not your "chat list". The key phrase "initialchat" is only a phrase to search for. Perhaps it is not obvious in the video, you are looking for the user id's (UID's) in the "mercury_thread" array that follows. For those that have commented that this is not so, please recheck your work.